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Here at The Master Craftsman we Make and Create Beautiful Bespoke jewellery to the highest quality to suit any Occasion and made exactly as your Heart desires.

Personalised Sterling Silver Jewellery made with any Name to any Size with choices of colour and Birthstone from our selection of Stunning Signature Glass Crystals which have a very BIG sparkle!

We are importers of some of the finest Baltic Amber in the UK and we are very proud of the quality of our Baltic Amber Jewellery as we are sure you will be as well. We source all of our Gemstones directly from their Countries of Origin so we are sure that our customers are getting the best Quality products.

We Offer Standard FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on EVERYTHING from our Jewellery Store... so, what are you waiting for?


We also offer Custom Model and Miniature painting by our on Hand Pro-painter Craft expert


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Creating Your Site

Joomla! is all about allowing you to create a site that matches your vision. The possibilities are limitless; this sample site will just get you started.

There are a few things you should know to get you started.

First, every Joomla! site has two parts the Site (which is what your site visitors see) and the Administrator (which is where you will want to do a lot of the site management). You need to log in to the Administrator separately. There is a link to the administrator on the top menu. 

You can edit articles in the Site by clicking on the edit icon. You can create a new article by clicking on the Create Article link in the top menu.  

To do other things, like edit the contact form, edit the modules or change the site name you need to log in to the administrator. 

Some quick tips for working in the Administrator:

  • Change site name and tag line: Go to the Extensions, Template Manager and on the Styles tab click on Your Basic Template.
  • To edit the Header Module: Go to Extensions, Module Manager and click on Header Module.
  • To edit the Side Module: Go to Extensions, Module Manager and click on Side Module.
  • To edit the Contact Form: Go to Components, Contacts. Click on Your Name. 


Once you have your basic site you may want to install your own template (that controls the overall design of your site) and then, perhaps additional extensions. 

There is a lot of help available for Joomla!. You can visit the Joomla! forums and the Joomla! documentation site to get started. 

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